Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Day

One day,
I will not have to try to sleep to the sounds of giggling at 3 am.
I will not have to awkwardly avoid the couple on the couch.
I will not have to label all my food.
I will not have to schedule TV usage.
I will not have to listen to Mumford and Sons entire
 discography blasting from the bathroom.
I will not have to pick up tumbleweeds of hair.
I will not have to find passive aggressive notes on my pillow.
I will not have to practically beg when collecting utilities. 
I will not have to deal with synced up menstrual cycles. 
I will not have to cringe when another uses my Kitchen aid.
I will not have to sleep on a twin bed and have limited storage space. 
One day,
I will live alone,
and I will love it. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

san whorhey.

That's Spanish for St. George. 
I just returned from my February out of town adventure. Monica and I went on a spa weekend to the Red Mountain Resort in St. George, UT. 
hotel elevatoring
mexican food eating 
creepy movie watching 
scenic driving 
yard saleing 
 spa sandal wearing
 all day spaing
 Monica words with friending
hot mean oogling 
monica sleeping 
sabbath worshiping 
more driving 
bored picture taking 

All done. 

movie review

So I really love movies, and I'm extremely opinionated, I don't know why I haven't done this before.
Inspired by the Oscars tonight, and having nothing to do during the red carpet coverage, here's a review of some films I saw last year. PS I'm picking the first ten movies that come to mind or else this would go on forevs.

Two words: Ryan Gosling. 
He played a a very nice gentleman who violently mauled a few people for a lady's honor and safety. 
Though the plot may not be too complex, a there were still a few surprises that keep you on the edge of your seat. I love Carrie Mulligan in everything but she was especially darling as a mother. I left the movie with two thoughts, don't ever get Ryan Gosling angry and I need a silk members only jacket. B+

Though there's a lack of dialogue, this movie blew me away. In this silent film about a 1920s actor, I could not get enough of the leading man', Jean Dujardin's facial expressions. I've been going through an old-school movie phase and this film really hit the spot. You can tell that it's a well made film, every detail accounted for. It's got all the emotions to ride, and who doesn't love a French tap dancer? A

JT, I love you. You make rad music, you dance like the smoothest of operators and you're friggin hilarious, but really? You made this movie? I mean it had its moments, i.e. JT shirtless, JT beating people up. The film has true potential to be an entertaining story of a revolt against society, but unfortunately the writing was lacking. The script made me cringe. And there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks Amanda Siegfried could actually run for that long in those heels. D

Now I didn't read the book, which I heard is fantastic, but I thought it was pretty great. I laughed, I cringed, I cried and I left the theater speaking in a southern accent. Now I know that Emma Stone's character is supposed to be a little homely, but really that wig was awful. It could have been done a bit better. This film was both a poignant and heart warming tale about racial injustice and relationships, which is a tough combo to master. A -

I cried the last thirty minutes of this movie. I clearly don't handle possibly fatal medical conditions well. I thought that there was a tad too much unwarranted profanity for my taste. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays his adorably nerdy, shy, quirky self.  The more I see Anna Kendrick in films (she plays JGT's nearly certified therapist) the more I like her. I think she will do great things. This film did a good job of hitting all the right emotions, making it feel like this is a real story that happened to a guy you know. B+

I might be biased because I already have this pretty steady relationship with art, but this was my favorite movie this year. I thought the concept of Owen Wilson going back and meeting all the greats from the Golden Age in Paris was pretty inspired. All the characters he meets are spot on to how I would imagine they would be in real life. Hemingway, spot on. Dali, spot on. The film is a true Parisian experience, way to go Woody Allen. A+

I laughed so loud it echoed in the theater. I thought that Steve Carrel and Ryan Gosling made a great comedy duo. Witty delivery. The main story is a classic get the girl back plot with a superb make over sequence,  and it has a great side story of brand new romance with the always outstanding Emma Stone. It may not be the next great masterpiece but it was fun and entertaining and Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off. A

Hey guess what? I see everything Ryan Gosling is in. This intense political drama made me think that George Clooney should actually run for president. Though it was a movie about politics I didn't leave thinking it was a giant political statement shoved down my throat. The drama of the story wasn't too over the top and the suits were gorgeous. B

This movie was the Valentine's Day of non-romantic comedies. Seriously everyone was in, and they were all dying. This scary almost-too-realistic story about a pandemic keeps the viewer in the story by leaving the how-the-F-did-this-all-start till the very end. Besides Jude Law's added snaggle-tooth and occasional slow moving plot it was a good watch. B-

After reading all four novels and the first book of short stories, I find this Sherlock series to be even better than previously thought. The script and character portrayal are exactly like Arthur Conan Doyle wrote. The fast paced wit and action packed adventures suck you into the story. The cinematography is pretty breathing taking, the variation of camera speed and the dark dreary London filter. A

Can you tell I don't really like writing about movies I don't like. But I watched several dozen movies this year, feel free to ask me about more of them. 

To be read in the voice of Nacho Libre:

Sometimes, you really have nothing to say,
 you just love a fake Mexican accent. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

fhe gone wrong.

A little while ago I mentioned to my sister in law the story of being stranded in Heber, UT during a snow storm driving back from Park City, and she told me that I always seem to have all sorts of adventures. 
She was of course referring to all the misadventures I've had in the past year or so. Most of my misadventrues seem to have to do with my car, it dies, it gets crashed into, it spins out in the snow and breaks itself. 

But I'm happy to report my lastest misadventure
has nothing to do with my car, 
this time it was my face.

At FHE two weeks ago the ward was combined to play toilet paper dodge ball. I should have known better, but I got pretty into the game. I didn't want to be the sissy girl who hangs in the back and then is pathetically the last one left. At the very end of the last round, my team decided to charge with all the toilet paper we had left. I got a few good throws in before getting a toilet paper roll right to the face. 

The actual blow didn't hurt, but I could not keep my eye open. I thought something was stuck in there, but sure enough my cornea got scratched. I know for sure, cause that's what the doctor said the next morning. Lucky me got scratched right over my left pupil, every time my pupil constricted it hurt like, well getting a papercut on your eyeball but then squeezing lemon juice in it. 

The night it happened, everyone thought I was sad.
This is me trying to work the next day.
I tried to work Tuesday and ended up taking Wednesday off and pretty much slept the whole day. My vision out of that eye was pretty blurry until a few days ago, but I'm fit as a fiddle now. 
Face misadventure, check.

20 Dozen

I've decided that 2012 is the year I make it happen. 
I've made the goal to go on an out of town adventure and try something new every month this year. So far I'm going strong.
 January 2012 I went to Vegas for New Years. 
The weekend in Vegas with Caitlin was mostly shopping, eating out, dancing with Miss Nevada (Caitlin's good friend Alana), and Downton Abbey season 1 watching in entirety, so perfect. 
My something new for January was volunteering at the
Sundance Film Festival in Park City.
I applied to do Sundance after hearing BFF Monica did (she ended not being able to do it). I worked in the MARC theater for four 8 hour shifts between Jan 19-29. It was a really good experience. I met a ton of new people, got some free swag, chatted with a few celebs and saw some really good movies. I nearly died several times driving in the snow through the canyon but it was worth it.
This was a documentary that screened at my theater.

This happens to be the only photo of me at work that I can find. If any more surface, I'll share. 
If I'm still in Utah next year (cross your fingers I escape) I am definitely doing it again, right after I purchase snow tires. 

No plans for February yet and we're about half way through, open to suggestions.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


A Lady's Guide to Being a Lady

Ladies there are three main characteristics that make a lady, Class, Intelligence, and Confidence. 

How to Have the Confidence of a Lady

Certain ladies are born with confidence. Certain ladies must acquire confidence. There is a certain mantra that I feel every lady should keep in mind, Fake it till you Make it. If confidence is not something that exudes out of your pores, here are a few simple tricks to make you appear confident until it's naturally incorporated  into your character. 

1. I have always thought the phrase "I could never pull that off" was a cop out. And when people tell me "I would never wear that, but you pull it off," I can't help but be slightly insulted. But I have decided that both these statements are a matter of confidence. If a lady feels as though she can't pull of a certain flashy accessory, it's most likely because she's self conscience of its attention drawing-ness. 
Screw that. 
If you like that snazzy statement necklace or those cerulean blue skinny pants wear them. 
Don't be scared to stand out a tad. 
Trust me you'll get compliments.
Me wearing hot pink hi-waisted pants. At the baby shower I was told I looked like Audrey Hepburn, the ultimate compliment. 

2. A big confidence booster for me is wearing lipstick. I was always so fascinated by my mother's lipstick as a little girl. The smell of Loreal lipstick is nostalgic. I couldn't wait to be grown up enough to have my own. Maybe because my first experience wearing lipstick was dance recital stage makeup, making it special, but I always feel empowered with a bold lip. The hue doesn't necessarily need to be bold and bright, but that doesn't hurt. There is a difference between lip gloss and lipstick to me as well, gloss reminds me of middle school sparkles. Lipstick is for ladies. 
Cosmic Magenta was the hue for New Years 2012.

3. A solid tactic in appearing more confident then you may feel is conversation control. That does not mean, in any way, shape, or form, make the conversation all about yourself. Ladies are not self promoters. With that said, don't be scared to talk about yourself when asked . Conversation control refers to adding intelligent comments and anecdotes when appropriate.  Actually listen to what other people are saying, and appear interested (even when you aren't, ladies should never have a sour bored face). If the topic is something you know little to nothing about, listen and ask questions,  learn something new.  Never appear dull, shy, or better than the conversation. 
Doesn't the Lady on the right look confident and engaged in the conversation, even though ladies should never associate with floppy haired man-boot wearing men unless they are Italian fashion designers?

Confidence makes a lady.  
She'll stand taller, speak stronger and feel better. 

Best Thursday

Two weeks ago I had a pretty fantastic day. Here's went down:

I decided not to get the missing chunk filled in.
After spiraling off the freeway and hitting a mile marker, I got my car fixed. [a before picture would have shown you the bumper hanging off and no drivers side mirror]

Breakfast for Lunch is my fave.
While waiting for my car I ate at this lovely diner for lunch.

Applications I finished.
I was super productive at work. 

I'm a big fan when Timp is all glowy.. 
 Had a lovely time in the temple.
Glasses Twinners!
 Spend the evening with bff Monica... At the Circus

Ribbon Dancers

Mr Sparkles

And then I went home and was asleep by 11. 
Best Thursday.