Friday, April 29, 2011


This past weekend I went home and took Monica along with me. Instead of describing each moment, I have picked my top five photos as documentation:
{downtown Olympia. Full of hippies, who apparently love superheroes}
{Inside the Experience the Music museum, DMC is my new favorite}

{Mariners v. As Game. We left, 6th inning at 9-1}

{Monica says Sylvia here is my long lost twin, so I obliged}
{hunting for Easter eggs. I was told I need an exorcism}

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The DG.

I am now a proud member of a DG.
Don't know what that stands for? neither did I for like a week even though I was in one. 
It's Dinner Group. 
Monica and I, along with Cliff and Blake from our ward, formed our own dinner group. 
We meet roughly twice a week. The boys cook once and the girls cook once. Its a delicious idea. 
This is from last night, our most recent DG, where the boys provided not only dinner, but a show:
That's Blake catching a flying apple with a steak knife. Was I scared he was going to lunge for the apple and catch my cheek instead? Yes. Did I move out of the way as to be at a safer distance? No, someone had to film it. 

I am a big fan of weddings.

I love em. They make me happy. I've been to two this month. Both spectacular. 
One was a fiesta, and we got down:
{here's a shot of the dance floor, there are none of me dancing because I was dancing and not taking pictures}
K so this is BFF Monica's little sister's wedding. And her family is Mexican, shocker! Any way down south a wedding is a party . So after all the food eaten, the tables were shoved aside, and just after the dance pictured above ended, we was bumping all night long! And by we I mean, Monica's family, all the children and me. All the white folks from Utah just sat there and watched us. Fantastico!

{the happy couple. Dylan and Andrea}
It was super fun and I'm so happy for these guys. Time to make adorable halfsies babies. 
The second I went to tonight so I have no pictures of the actual wedding. But:
{ David and Kristi}
It was my work BFF Jolene's twin sister's wedding. 
got that?

{ it was here, in a giant gorgeous room}
So put fancy east coast couple with fancy pretty venue and you get a spectacular wedding. It started with a delicious sit down dinner (with a seating chart) and ended with a firework show that we watched from the balcony. When the couple had their first dance, not gonna lie I teared up a bit. 
It was really beautiful. 

I would love to plan weddings. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


bff Monica found out that Shabby Apple was having a damaged dress sale and of course I told her to come pick me up from work early and head straight there.
Funny side note, the sale was at Noah's in the exact room her little sister's wedding was two days before.
Anywho, I found a couple great deals. Three dresses for $45.
I wore this one to work today:
{its called Rosie the Riveter}
I got many compliments on it but the best was from my boss Steve, he said I looked like a nurse from MASH. And he made comments the whole day about how I should be rushing to the wounded's aid. Loved it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

things learned today.

manila folder cuts are more painful than paper cuts. 
I have watched only one episode of television all week-uncanny.
olive garden still sells mediocre food. 
I need more friends.
an entire bag of dark chocolate cadbury eggs can be eaten in one work day.
I have no clue how to navigate ebay. 
I sorely miss ballet.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


87 is currently my lucky number. 
79 pairs of stilettos, boot, flats, pumps, sneaks, trainers and wedges.
 and 8 pairs of sandals, flip flops and gladiators. 
I'll never stop. 


I grew up doing ballet. Age three on. It was my sole exercise, I never went running, I never went to the gym. I stayed fit through plies, pirouettes, and pas de bourres. I never really learned how to exercise.
I haven't taken a ballet class  in three years. I bought new flats last summer in the hopes of doing drop in classes, but alas I still haven't sewn the elastics. 
Now I've put on some weight. Don't give the whole, shut up your tiny routine. Yes I know I'm tiny. I have a very small frame. And I've always been/still am slender, but when the only place I gain weight is my gut, I look like a toothpick with a little baby sized bowl of pudding on the middle of it. 
{ Let's use our imaginations class, I even picked flesh  tone pudding}
Plus, every time I try to exercise I my heart just about explodes. 
So its time to learn how to exercise, outside of a dance class, like normal people. 
Monica and I started (as in just barely, we just did out first workout) a new routine. Ab Ripper X from P90x and a little cardio from a dance workout video. 
It is now your job to make sure I do it. That way I'll live past 35 without a heart attack and my mini pudding will dissolve. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

my conference weekend.

Monica scored some tickets to General Conference (if you don't know what that is click here.) this year from her family in Texas. 
We went to both the Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions. 
One of the running themes, at least to us singles, was - it's about time to get married. 
One talk was really sweet and he talked about how much he loved being married to his late wife. He related a story about how she had taught him to show their love by acts like  leaving notes and surprises around the house for him. He learned that returning the favor meant the world to her. One note he left her, still in his house now, was placed on the inside of the glass of the kitchen clock which read, "Janeen, Its time I tell you I love you."
Cheesy, but admit it,  its adorable.
This is where we sat. 

This is Monica.