Sunday, July 31, 2011

how nice.

You know what's a good feeling, 
when your boyfriend's friends want to hang out with you 
 even when said boyfriend is out of town. 
How nice, right?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I would be HUGE.

The other day I was chatting with bff Caitlin about our adventures across the pond. We came to the conclusion that about 75% of our memories involve food. 
Every single girl gained 20+ pounds on that trip, including yours truly. 

When I went to New York, I researched and planned each food outing.  And if you'll notice half my pictures from that trip are of food. 

I spend a substantial amount of each paycheck on eating out. 

If I had any other metabolism I would be HUGE. 

Summa time.

Catching the 11 people who read this up:
Throwing Cinco de Mayo parties that no one come to.

Pool exercising. 

Frites eating. 

Nickelcade victories.

Museum going. 

Pick up truck riding. 

Still working a full time job. 

Eating gross corn with mayo on it. 

llama llama.

So we went to llama fest.
 It was at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. 
And there were lots of llamas.
Curtis was wary of his position.

The strangest people own llamas. 

Mike attempting to run with the llamas. 

Bad llama. 

Hare Beard.... I mean Krishna Temple. 

Llama obstacle course, llama's are not too smart. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

i've never...

..been anywhere tropical. Now it is true that I sunburn like the dickens, that is assuming Dickens had as pale of a complexion as I, but nevertheless I'd like to experience a beach vacation. 
I would prefer the beach vacation to be located either in or close by a metropolis of sorts. A cement jungle of air conditioning to counteract the sun's beating rays. Here are my top picks:
Mykonos, Greece. Sun, sand and Gyros. 'nough said. 

Nice, France. I'll be Grace Kelly, if you'll be my Carey Grant. 

Melbourne, Australia. I wet my appetite for kangaroo, now I'm ready to dive right in. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Probably the best option cause it IS air conditioned.