Wednesday, September 19, 2012

teach me some melodious sonnet

I've listened to this every night before I sleep for quite awhile.
It calms me. 
It sparks my prayers. 
It describes how I feel so perfectly,
how I want to feel always. 

Plus it's Sufjan Stevens so it makes me cool and indie.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Biggie Smalls had it all wrong..

Shortly after leaving Utah I upped my job searching, you know, since I am no longer an employed citizen.  I created this folder in my email titled Seattle Jobs. Every time I get an email saying my application was accepted I put it in that folder. It currently contains 34 emails. And that goes back a month. And and not every job sends you one of those. And and and I most likely have deleted a few and don't feel the need to sift through my email trash to prove my point further. I have most likely applied to over 50 jobs in four weeks, to the following companies:
Nordstrom Headquarters
Seattle Art Museum
Cornish College of the Arts
The Art Institute
The Marriott
The Hyatt
The Sheraton
Sur la Table Corporate Headquarters
Kate Spade
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Seattle Children's Hospital
Virginia Mason Medical Center
J. Crew
Pacific Bridal Shop

As well as inquiry letters to events planning companies and floral design studios. 
(Oh and a couple jobs in Boston as a favor to a friend.)

So if any of you friends out there has a connection, boy do I need it. 

LESS money, Mo problems.