Saturday, March 31, 2012

I failed March

So this month I failed at my goal for the year. The farthest I got out of town was Salt Lake City. But while there I volunteered at the Tumbleweeds Kid's Film Festival. 
It was really fun, I worked at the craft table in the lounge. Then I got to see some international animated shorts and eat free pizza. If you missed out this year, take your kids next year, it'll be in April. 

St Pattys Day

On St Patricks Day I enjoyed a nice morning and afternoon by myself. I did some light shopping, saw a dollar movie, got hit on my a man with his daughter.
Then that evening I babysat my brother's kids.
As soon as their parents left, we had ourselves an Irish shindig:
first they got dressed up

green hair mascara, red Irishman mustaches

and headband for Zoey.

Then there was a gold treasure hunt

there are only so many places to hind gold coins in one room

all the while E.T. was on, he's a little green man.

Isaac's findings

precious gold, which actually turned out to be gum and not chocolate like I thought.

Then we made green clover rice krispie treats

Braxton looked it up on pinterest all by himself

I sprayed their hands with Pam so they wouldn't get sticky, they thought I was crazy.


Then the kids went to bed and I had to entertain myself. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh you know, just things

So I've have some pretty good times as of late, here's a run down:

1. I got this darling lamp at Ikea for my bedside window sill
2. There were baby calla lilies as Smiths. Love them.

3. I went to a RS Birthday party and Janice Kapp Perry spoke to us. It was so great, we all cried, laughed and watched Janice get one planted square on the kisser from Bro. Perry at the pulpit.  It happened, I now love this lady even more. 
4. While on a spiritual note, this Sunday was just really good. The talks and lessons were spot on, and even though sacrament meeting was already 15 minutes over, Bishop had the congregation sing all 7 verses of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, and it was a good call. So good. 

5. Co-worker Tennyson got married and other co-workers Emily, Charlotte and I went to the reception. It was a great excuse to get dressed up, even though I had to do it in the car. Weddings are the best.

6. Free plates full of food make weddings the best. 

7. I did my nails Sunday for St. Patty's week- dark green and sparkly gold reverse French manicure. 
8 Plus I really love my knock-off Kate Spade acrylic ring I got at Forevs 21 for $1.50.

9. You better sit down, because tonight I purchased Cole Haan real pony hair kitten heels at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks. I would like to report that the original price tag on the bottom says $228. 

10. I do love me some British Candy, so so much. And every time I'm at the Riverwoods in Provo I stop by Blickenstaffs Candy store to buy some. My fave are Chomps, in the top left corner. Delicious caramel covered in Cadbury's chocolate, only 59 cents. Go there and try it. 

I think you've noticed by now that I like lists. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

getting creative

So I found myself with a lot of down time and instead of wasting ALL of it watching hulu and netflix, sometimes I get a little creative:

Monica took some old frames that were being donated from work and gave one to me (from the MTC, mine had a giant photo of a senior couple from the 60s in it) . It didn't fit any posters I had so I decided to make a chalkboard with it. I bought a sheet of wood from Lowes, chalkboard paint, spray paint and got to work. 
I even finally hung up that shelf, bought a little jar and vase from DI to add the finishing touches.
The nook outside my bedroom door is finally decorated, 6 months into living here. 

And since I had chalkboard paint I made these, inspired by ones I saw at Anthropologie:

Clear jar from Ikea, used the blue spray paint I already had for the lid, cut a stencil out of paper, taped up the whole jar, painted with chalkboard paint, traced outline with a sharpie, VOILA! Chalkboard labeled spice jars!

And finally some Pinterest fun:
Rainbow cake in a jar. I totally just winged it off the picture.
White cake batter, dyed bowls into rainbow colors. 
Filled mason jars, put on a tray with a 1/2 of water as to not burn the bottoms. 
Turns out I put too much batter in the jars and they exploded. 
That's OK you have to scoop out a little anyway to put frosting and sprinkles in. 
Labeled and ready to be delivered, I made whoppie pie like snacks out the the tops I cut off.

The really sad thing was I put these in my car to deliver on my way home from work, and silly Utah weather, it happened to be sunny and 57 degrees that day, and they all melted. I was a little pizzed.