Saturday, June 25, 2011

team momming.

I'm a professional team mom. I spectate and support and provide orange slices  like non other. 
A few weekends ago was the company picnic and volleyball tournament. 
The trash talk between the departments had been building for months previous. 
My department, the DLC, created an all star team and coined the slogan:
Dive Lunge Conquer. 
And boy did we. 
{Team mom and Carly}

{Karee bumpin it}

{Steve blockin it}

{Hope resting after a win with one of the personalized water bottles I made}

{the Champs, DLC}

And because we won, our department got a pizza party. We had the party last Friday. 23 pizzas and Space Jam on the projector, best work lunch ever. 

Monday, June 20, 2011


nearly two months ago I ordered a swimsuit top from Vicky's. As I was checking out, I was asked if I wanted to open a Angel's card to pay for my purchase. I said,
Why yes I do. 
So the purchase was charged to my new card. A week later I got the top:
{imagine less curves, and less skin pigmentation}

Last week I realized that I never got the Angel card in the mail. And I just checked, it was charged to my VS account. Only problem is I can't log into my VS account with my Angel card number. So until I call them up,
 free swimsuit?

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The 1940s & 50s were such a classy era when it comes to fashion. Everything was very clean cut and simple making any woman elegant. I wish I had a full wardrobe of cocktail dress from this era. 
So far I have two. 
The first I got from a vintage store in London. It still needs a little work, a stitch here and there. 
Eventually I'll make a petticoat and bolero for it and pray I have somewhere to wear it to. But I couldn't wait and I wore it to a Halloween party last year:

Don't mind Kesha. It's tea length and I think, has great potential. 

The other vintage dress I have I got at a thrift store in downtown Olympia, WA for forty bucks. It fit too well to pass it up. I debuted this dress last night at a wedding. Who cares if the was a tad too overdressed?

I smiled real big for you.  This dress has pretty gold lamé  flowers on it and oops looks like it seriously needs to be pressed. Funny story, after the wedding Mike and I went over to some friends' and played poker, felt a little James Bond-ish. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I finally went to the big apple. It's always been at the top of my list. 
And it did not disappoint.
That trip solidified that I am a city slicker. 
Bright lights, places to go, things to eat and people to see, 
whilst surrounded by excellent architecture. 
I don't have to live in New York, but I would like to be somewhere with its essence. 
It most definitely doesn't even have to be in America. 

Now I just need to be whisked away.