Monday, May 23, 2011


I stole this from my friend Jessica (yeah i read your blog)
10 things in 2011
1. NYC
2. Move from Provo
3. Curate (with minor help) an exhibit
4. Actual fill a whole journal
5. Go out of town once a month (only missed February thus far)
6. Exercise- You heard right
7. Which includes buying a bike, and then riding it
8. If I hold out for the rest of the year, I'll be the oldest Bruce to be single
9. Have my shoe collection reach an even 100 
(not including sandals to make it more of a challenge)
10. Make Monica eat, and enjoy, ethnic food. That makes it double prizes.
9 things I enjoy
I. Chicken nuggets
II. Lightening
III. Bumping in my car
IV. Spinny chairs
V. Chocolate covered, cinnamon dusted, hazelnuts
VI. Good hugs, not bad ones
VII. Dancing
VIII. Footwear
IX. Sincere compliments
8 things I do everyday
a. Sleep in just too late
b. Stand on my cubicle desk
c. Wish I had a personal chef
d. Almost always crawl into Monica's bed
e. Check facebook  every ten minutes
f. Say things that unintentionally turn out to be funny, 
then be really proud of myself
g. Daydream
h. Personal sound effects
7 tv shows I like
!. Grey's
@. Bones
#. GG
$. Criminal Minds
%. Psych
^. 30 Rock
&. Gilmore Girls
6 things that always win my heart
one. Remembering insignificant details
two. Wit
three. Sense of adventure
four. Intellect
five. Allowance of Grey's obsession
six. Food
5 favorite things
Song: I Will
Book: I read other peoples' favorites
Food: Mexican deliciousness
Season: Fall
4 smells I enjoy:
z. Cinnamon anything
y. Burberry Brit
x. Almond Extract
w. Laundry
3 places I want to go
1. Greece
2. India
3. Thailand
2 favorite holidays
Bastille Day
 jk I just said the to sound pretentious, really:
i. Christmas
ii. the 4th
1 person I'd marry on the spot
---Carey Grant, age 30---

Saturday, May 21, 2011

the Last day.

As we all know, today is the day of the rapture. Its been a pretty good day thus far, and there's still a few hours to spare till *fingers crossed* I get caught up. 
I arose around 9, meandered around and got ready for the day. 
I did my hair is this great up do, I'm pretty proud.
It's a pretty day. 
I went to the museum and worked on the website. 
Then I picked up Monica and we went to the new crepe shop in Provo. 
Tip of my hat to them. 
We had a delicious ham and cheese crepe, it came with a shot of tomato basil soup to dip it in. 
Then I had a hankering for some bowling. 
Worst bowling ever. It was very obvious that I haven't gone in a long time. 
Monica had fun though:

[finger guns!]

Friday, May 20, 2011

stuff I do while getting paid.

Today at work, my boss Steve, who's three sided cubicle is adjacent to mine, popped his head around the corner to drop some knowledge. 
He frequently listens to the podcast Stuff You Should Know and shared his recent listen all about
[Judith Slaying Holofernes By Artemisa  Gentileschi]
[I always thought this painting was fantastic, look at the blood spurts]
[Never scorn a lady]
[I have to admit I had to consult my giant art anthology for the name]
[You just got Art Historyed]

It lead to a two part argument, as in we debated for twenty minutes in the morning and revisited in the afternoon., about whether the unlucky soul, who's head is no longer attached, remains conscious until the residual blood and oxygen drains . 
I find it all to be quite fascinating and have since brought it up with two others. 
I like to confab about strange things and thanks to my boss, I can get paid to do so. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So this is what it's like to see...

My whole life I have guessed my way through eye exams. You would think the slight upturn of  my voice would tell the proctor of the exam that " F?" should not allow a declaration of 20/20 vision. 
About a month or so ago I noticed I couldn't read the info board at the end of my field of cubicles. I thought, its pretty far, plus it's a tv screen so the glow adds to the fuzziness. I asked just about everyone over the course of the next few business days to test my vision. And, nope couldn't read any of it. 
So finally I got a REAL eye exam where I didn't lie my way through it. 
Damn the eye puff machine. 
{ My Clark Kent look }

I now own corrective lenses. I picked them up tonight. I've worn them for two hours and have a huge headache. 
I feel like I'm playing dress up. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


my fullest day of the week. 
today I:
have 14 days till I leave for NYC
ate too many Chic fil a nuggets
wrote on the museum's website
pay 40 bucks for gas
wore new shoes
loved on Adrian.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Remember that one time when all my tires got stolen?

Early in the  morn, on what was suppose to be a happy Saturday, full of baby watching, Ikea shopping and deserved downtime, I walked into the underground parking lot to see this:

Yes, you are not mistaken, that is my car sitting on cinder blocks minus tires and wheels. 
My first thought: Are you effing kidding me? You stole MY wheels?
All four, gone. 
I spent the morning calling, AAA (who couldn't help me), my insurance company and the cops. All of which thought it was both hilarious and tragically sad that someone stole my tires. 
And to put a cherry on top of this fantastic ice cream sundae of thievery and personal insult, the tools kicked my car. 

Leaving this pretty dent and a foot print. 
You rock Provo!