Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Nails.

First of all I think there is two nail salons in Provo called New Nails.
Anyways, Caitlin has decided to have a new hobby and I like it. 
She's all about nail art these days. 
Last night I let her experiment on my nails. 

This is a reverse French Manicure in Nude and Navy. 
We got crafty and used notebook paper hole protector stickers to make the half moon. 
This is just the beginning. Look forward to more posts. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Feel the beat.

I used to be obsessed with this song.
I learned a ballet routine to it my senior year of high school.
I love the drama of it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A bit pretentious

One Saturday evening I watched the movie Wild Target on Netflix. Its about a con artist who is being chased by a hit man. Very British humor. Anywho, in the clip below it shows her walking from the National Gallery one second and then flashes to Portobello Road the next. When I watched this I felt pretty awesome, because having lived in London I know that is over an hour long walk. 
From 0:19 on:

Yes I know its edited and doesn't actually show her walking the whole way, but still.

Pass the gardenias please.

Gal pal Caitlin and I were looking through BYU's course selection to find her a fun class for the fall. When I was in college I took one fun class a semester to keep me sane.
 I took:
beginning golf
food prep
aerobic dance
interior design
and my ultimate favorite, floral design.
Caitlin then confessed to me that it would be her
 dream job to own a floral shop. 
The summer after I took floral design I dropped a resume off at
 every floral shop in town, but sadly I didn't get a job. 
I love flowers. And I'd like to think I'm pretty goooood at arranging them. 
I dare you to buy me some and find out. Here are some faves:
Baby Calla Lilies

Charles Dickens said:

There's nothing better than a friend.
 Unless that friend has chocolate. 

Smart man.