Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A weekend away.

 My buddy Mike and I decided to take a little trip to Utah for the weekend. 
We got there Thursday, hit up some Sconecutters for some spicy fries and hang at Monica's. 
The next morning Monica made me go to PureBarre the next morning at 6. 
Our plans to go hiking were cancelled, darn, due to inclement weather. 
So we went to Provo, cruised around campus.
 I had lunch with some old work buddies, 
then we went back to Monica's and hit the pool. 

After some napping and finally showering for the day we went to Red Iguana for some delish Mexican.

That night we cruised City Creek.
Checked out Temple Square. 

Then on Saturday I headed down to Provo while these two kids went horseback riding.

I spent the day with bff Caitlin. We did our usual routine, ate lunch, went to the mall, saw a movie, ate dinner, went to target, fb stalked people. 
It was the best. 
This picture is front Caitlin's point of view, I promise she was there. 

Sunday morning I went to her ward for church and then I spent the rest of the day at brother Brandon's house. 
I gave the kids some Sounders socks. 

Zoey wanted a picture of her feet too.  

The boys have an awesome mini motor bike. 

Monday morning, after some bball practice, I was picked up by Mike and headed back to SLC chill with Monica.

First up was a tour of the state capital. Caitlin works for the House of Reps and we got to go behind closed doors. 

 Then after much debate on how the spend the rest of the blistering day until Mike and I's flight, we ended up at the zoo.  

It was stupid hot outside. 


And then we went to airport and flew back to WA. 
It was a great trip. 

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